Ain’t no party like a Week-long party, because a Week-long party won’t stop! (For a week)


Hey gang, I’m going on a hiatus this week, hence the early smash, but don’t worry, I’ve grouped together some of my favorite things to do when I’m bored and feel like scratching someone’s face off like a scab.

You look like a scab

So here they are and I hope they kept you on your seats with entertainment as empty as Nicolas Cage’s wallet.

Yeah don’t hide it, we know.

Here’s a site that shows the failitude of the Iphone with autocorrect

And here’s something you’ll probably never need in your life, but you’re glad it’savailable anyway.

BANANA . Mind Blown.

And finally, here’s something you can use to calm yourself down, or probably just annoy the living hell out of people.

Remember to leave any and all Comments/ Suggestions/ Cherry bombs to the E-mail address below:

So enjoy, and finally I leave you with Christmas.. erm.. Cheer?

The Wednesday Smash

“The Noisy Post-its”


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