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Chinese Takeout, anyone?

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, right before I post another smash, here are probably the most revolting, gut-wrenching dishes found in other restaurants, all given to me by you. Here we go.

First up is actually a delicacy from the Philippines, The Balut. It’s a duck embryo boiled and eaten chick and all. Both salty and savory, this wonderful dish could be in your stomach for less than a dollar an egg.

Now here’s one for the history books, boys and girls I give you: Escamoles.

These little bad boys are collected in Mexico. Escamoles are harvested from the eggs of black ants right before the larvae turn into ants. For about forty dollars a pound, these guys are usually had in tacos.

Still good? Well I hope you’re ready for The Twins.

Now the top most beauty are duck intestines. And the little bugger at the bottom? Those pieces of heaven are pigs’ brains.

I call them the twins because they came from the same person, both by e-mail and maybe they actually CAME from the same… Wherever it is they came from. Honestly, I don’t believe those are parts of animals. They look they came from one of those little critters from Mars Attacks.

Yeap, just like that.

So those are my picks from all the entries sent in by you, the awesome reader. Stick around and watch out for the next smash coming on, you guessed it, Wednesday.

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