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The Fitness February – Week 1: A Healthier Smash

Greetings, Earthlings.

I bring you another awesome smash.

Get ready.

This came about while I was strolling down the mall with a couple of my mates, I couldn’t help but notice the number of people walking around. It wasn’t so crowded, but when you just stare blankly at a certain area, it was like ComicCon came early this year.

Now anyway, as I was dodging, well trying at least, the huge number of people, I realized that it wasn’t their number that was huge. They were just really, well delicately speaking…

That should do it.

But really, fat people are awesome. I’m just not the type to let myself get there.  That’s why for the whole month of February, I’m going to write about Fitness, and Exercise.  I’m not going to do it alone though, and this is where you guys come in. I need everyone to send me what they think is a great Exercise Method, Diet, or just about anything related to fitness. Of course I’m going to inject some of my own fitness tips and tricks. All good and ready to give you a healthier smash. ( For the month, that is)

All right, so first thing’s first – The Mindset.

Diet programs or Workout routines all succeed with a good mindset. What you need is a goal, and why you want that goal. It is important to love your reward, or else it’ll all go down the drain.

So for the first week, the project is to start flexing your discipline muscle. Whether it be a Diet plan or a Workout, stick to it and stay away from whatever brings you down.

As far as Diets go, make sure it’s healthy. A crash diet won’t get you any thinner, it’ll only kill you. Go for organic Fruits and Vegetables and make sure you go for lean meats. Drink plenty of water and Freshly squeezed juice.

With your workout, something important is the will. You must always want to do it, or at least love the goal so much that you will not feel lazy while doing it. Most workouts fail because people just stop halfway. A workout is a commitment, just like a Diet plan.

But remember, this is not so you can look like a model. I’m not telling you that you need a perfect body for a perfect life, I’m here forwarding a healthier lifestyle. I don’t think Coronaries or heart attacks are your thing either. This is the main purpose of the Healthy Smash: A healthier lifestyle.

So remember gang,

*Healthy living is what’s important at the end of the day, not the body.

*A Diet plan and a Workout’s success all depend on one thing – The Mindset

*Discipline is key

Send any and all Comments/Suggestions/Fitness Tips/Dirty Laundry to the E-mail address below:


And now I leave you guys with another Autocorrect Fail(Take that Jobbs!)

The Wednesday Smash

“Edible Comedy”


Chinese Takeout, anyone?

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, right before I post another smash, here are probably the most revolting, gut-wrenching dishes found in other restaurants, all given to me by you. Here we go.

First up is actually a delicacy from the Philippines, The Balut. It’s a duck embryo boiled and eaten chick and all. Both salty and savory, this wonderful dish could be in your stomach for less than a dollar an egg.

Now here’s one for the history books, boys and girls I give you: Escamoles.

These little bad boys are collected in Mexico. Escamoles are harvested from the eggs of black ants right before the larvae turn into ants. For about forty dollars a pound, these guys are usually had in tacos.

Still good? Well I hope you’re ready for The Twins.

Now the top most beauty are duck intestines. And the little bugger at the bottom? Those pieces of heaven are pigs’ brains.

I call them the twins because they came from the same person, both by e-mail and maybe they actually CAME from the same… Wherever it is they came from. Honestly, I don’t believe those are parts of animals. They look they came from one of those little critters from Mars Attacks.

Yeap, just like that.

So those are my picks from all the entries sent in by you, the awesome reader. Stick around and watch out for the next smash coming on, you guessed it, Wednesday.

Send any and all questions/comments/Unicorn Sightings on the e-mail address below: