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The Fitness February – Week 1: A Healthier Smash

Greetings, Earthlings.

I bring you another awesome smash.

Get ready.

This came about while I was strolling down the mall with a couple of my mates, I couldn’t help but notice the number of people walking around. It wasn’t so crowded, but when you just stare blankly at a certain area, it was like ComicCon came early this year.

Now anyway, as I was dodging, well trying at least, the huge number of people, I realized that it wasn’t their number that was huge. They were just really, well delicately speaking…

That should do it.

But really, fat people are awesome. I’m just not the type to let myself get there.  That’s why for the whole month of February, I’m going to write about Fitness, and Exercise.  I’m not going to do it alone though, and this is where you guys come in. I need everyone to send me what they think is a great Exercise Method, Diet, or just about anything related to fitness. Of course I’m going to inject some of my own fitness tips and tricks. All good and ready to give you a healthier smash. ( For the month, that is)

All right, so first thing’s first – The Mindset.

Diet programs or Workout routines all succeed with a good mindset. What you need is a goal, and why you want that goal. It is important to love your reward, or else it’ll all go down the drain.

So for the first week, the project is to start flexing your discipline muscle. Whether it be a Diet plan or a Workout, stick to it and stay away from whatever brings you down.

As far as Diets go, make sure it’s healthy. A crash diet won’t get you any thinner, it’ll only kill you. Go for organic Fruits and Vegetables and make sure you go for lean meats. Drink plenty of water and Freshly squeezed juice.

With your workout, something important is the will. You must always want to do it, or at least love the goal so much that you will not feel lazy while doing it. Most workouts fail because people just stop halfway. A workout is a commitment, just like a Diet plan.

But remember, this is not so you can look like a model. I’m not telling you that you need a perfect body for a perfect life, I’m here forwarding a healthier lifestyle. I don’t think Coronaries or heart attacks are your thing either. This is the main purpose of the Healthy Smash: A healthier lifestyle.

So remember gang,

*Healthy living is what’s important at the end of the day, not the body.

*A Diet plan and a Workout’s success all depend on one thing – The Mindset

*Discipline is key

Send any and all Comments/Suggestions/Fitness Tips/Dirty Laundry to the E-mail address below:


And now I leave you guys with another Autocorrect Fail(Take that Jobbs!)

The Wednesday Smash

“Edible Comedy”


Lewis, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Austen….Bieber?

Hey guys, what’s happening?

I’m back from my hiatus and I’m ready to continue handing out that Wednesday Smash you love so much. (Yeah, you know it) So let’s brighten up your hump-day, shall we?

The smash is back.

All right, boys and girls, this all started when I was walking down the street one fine afternoon, and passing by a bookstore, I saw this:

Just. No.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Bieber hater. I mean yeah, it’s weird that he’s, what? Sixteen? And he’s still waiting to be slapped in the face by puberty,and it’s weird how, other than sounding like a girl, he even manages to look like one in the cover. Even what he says, quoting the Bieb, his book has “Lots of exclusive photos just for you. Love Justin xxx.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s rap. The places you find “xxx”:


-A game of Tic Tac Toe

-Scribbled on books of little girls along with “O”s in between.

-And now, scribbled on biographies of little boys who probably haven’t even received the talk about the Birds and the Bees.



Oh, and come on – The Hair. If you’ve watched even one of the Lord of the Rings movies, you’ll notice how amazing it is that Legolas’ hair never, and not even once, looks dirty. I mean sure, you can get away with it while on a horse, traveling. But at the most climactic fight scenes, not even a drop of orc’s blood or even a spec of dirt lands on it. Now that’s just wrong.

So back to Bieber. First Step 2 Forever: My Story is about the singing sensation’s life from the beginning, up until now. My guess: Without the pictures, spanning about two pages. Including the pictures, the book may be about 300 pages long and only thirty minutes to go through it all. No wonder people love this book.

To me what seems so silly is that the Bieb’s writing about his story at Sixteen. I doubt that’s a lot to write about, not including what an average teenager writes about. But the world doesn’t seem to care about that, now do they?

Things an average teenager writes that the world doesn’t seem to care about:

-Rants about parents

-Rants about relationships

-Rants about teachers

-Rants about change

-Rants about the internet

I mean come one, give me an adolescent whose diary isn’t full of just rants.

Oh. Right.

But then again, Bieber’s book might just be worth the money, or not. It might depend on how serious your case of the Bieber fever is.

Send any and all Comments/Suggestions/Cloning tips to the E-mail address below:


So that’s it for this week’s Smash, I’ll catch you guys next week for more smashy goodness. In the mean time, I give you Evil:

The Wednesday Smash

“Loud enough to taste”