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Two front teeth? Kids’ stuff.

Happy Holidays, boys and girls!

I hope everyone’s holiday went smoothly.(No gnargles and all) And for those whose holidays did not go as planned, here’s something to cheer you up:

Now didn’t that just get your little heart chuckling?

One thing I dread in the holidays is keeping track of my Wish list. I don’t really know which one I want the most, and the others I completely forget. It seems silly though, Wish lists. I mean come on, it’s basically a to-do list that’ll get you a death threat if you don’t follow it.

That face has “Christmas Cheer” all over it.

Then again, people don’t really check your Wish list. Mass buying Christmas gifts leave absolutely no room for whiny requests. In this case, here are some of the things I (STILL) haven’t crossed off my Wish list:

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want this awesome little guy?

Yeah, this one’s been on the list for ten years.

Don’t Judge me

All right, the list may be a bit demanding. Maybe the light Saber would suffice.

It’s a new year, and therefore, additions to the Wish list. I saw some of these things on-line and smacked them into the list.

The Pick Punch just sweats Awesome

Mind Blown

So those are my additions to my Wish list. Let’s be real, I’ve got as much a chance of getting even one of those things just as the Hoff has in making a comeback.

Yeah, I’m talking to you.

Now it’s your turn. What’re some of the things that you’re itching to cross off your Wish List? Send any and all questions/answers/pictures/noodles to the e-mail address below:


And now, kiddos, I give you some advice courtesy of the folks from The Doughouse. They’re right over here.

The Wednesday Smash

“Because you can’t have the funk”