In Gervais.

Hello boys and girls, get ready for a smashing good time.

If Award shows aren’t your thing, then you probably didn’t catch the Golden Globe Awards. It was a pretty good night with pretty good winners:

-The Social Network for Best Motion Picture, Drama

-Colin Firth, The King’s Speech for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama

-Glee for Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical

-Christian Bale, The Fighter for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture

And so many others. It did seem like the winners were the most talked about that night, but there was one man who managed to be the king of the night. He is none other than the host, Ricky Gervais.

And who's the biggest douche?

All right, before I go on about how he made the night so — erm, memorable, try checking it out for yourself here.

Suffice to say, he wasn’t exactly the nicest guy there, nor was he the most liked. Of course, anyone who gives you those kinds of jabs isn’t really your best friend now, is he? I must say however, that I couldn’t help but see some of those jabs coming. I mean, all right, maybe he went too far with The Tourist, but come on, you’ve got to be wondering the same thing: how did that movie manage to sneak its way to the nominees’ list?

Indeed it was a crazy time, and what was wierd was his disappearance for some time while the show was going on. A ton of people say he was canned for all the insults he threw, others say he was caned like a little schoolboy. I was told, and this was by far the most believable explanation, that hosts really go off for a while in awards shows. If you guys want to share what you think, send ’em to the e-mail address at the end of the smash.

Come to think of it, Rick wasn’t so bad at all. I mean sure, his jokes were below the belt, and yeah, some people’s faces weren’t exactly happy; but at least he was entertaining. I mean honestly, I’d rather have him up there than some boring old twit.

So give the guy a break and move on, he’s not the biggest douchebag who’s appeared on an awards’ show right?

Exactly my point.

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So there you have it for this week’s Smash. Be sure to check back next week for some awesome smashy goodness. And now I leave you with a grocery list masterpiece.

The Wednesday Smash

“Microwaveable Politics”


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